This Just Got Real
Comrades Done and Dusted
Check it out! 2 sleeps my peeps. I have tears in my eyes. I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotion. This Journey has been covered all over the world; in newspapers and radio stations; and it has absolutely owned social media! Owned it!

And that is thanks to everyone for sharing my Journey.

What’s next after Comrades? I am thinking of going to the Olympics, for disciplines I excel at - namely.....
  1. Braaiing. The World’s Best Braaier.
  2. Drafts. Can’t be beaten.
  3. French cricket. “Not out” for years.
  4. Marco Polo. Still can’t find me.
  5. Table tennis. I have a top spin that will change your hairstyle - from a middle parting to a side parting.
I need a team. Who’s with me?

I never thought I would compete again - in any sport. It was taken away. But that is life, and I’ve accepted that. My dreams are there - I just have different dreams now. But I live in the comfort of being devastating handsome! No one else has that!

The pain for me, on Sunday, will be immense. But I am ready for the pain. I’ve prepared himself! I’ve given myself a good pep talk. And every one of my team will feel pain.

Tonight we are having all the runners, and their families, over for a Pasta Evening, and motivational chat (big shout out to Lynda Kapsimalis from “Tailor my Table” who set up the whole evening - she’s on a different planet when it comes to setting up a party or event!). We’ll be playing “Don’t stop believin” by Journey the team’s ring tone, and race song). We’ll also play Al Pacino’s speech on “Inches” in the movie Any Given Sunday. Love it!

A TV Production Crew is coming down from Jhb, today, to document the 4 days (including Monday’s planned celebration). I am having a radio interview on Hot 91.9FM Radio at 1745 tonight.

There are 400 Big G Caps out there! Everyone wants to be “G-SPOT(ted)”.

In some countries it’s a crime being this handsome.
The Handsome One.
Big G.
☘NB - Please share the Journey!

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  1. Good luck Grant and Andrew ……..we hope all goes better than expected Mike and Di Fitzsimons

  2. Dave says:

    Good luck guys. Will be thinking of you.

  3. Nicole says:

    Well done Grant and Andrew. Im a MS warrior myself and your story is amazing. I would love for you to assist us with a MS run in March next year. It would be a massive privilege to have you there.

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