8 days to Comrades and we’re ready
2 Sleeps my Peeps!
Story by: Doody Adams

This just got real. 4 days to go. In amongst the chaos and frenzy of these build up days, I want to stop and enjoy this. The media coverage has been incredible, I can’t wait to have the time to actually calculate the total media value this has received, but trust me it’s big. But, this is so much more than the media coverage, it’s the individual messages we are receiving from friends and family far and wide. People will gather on Sunday whether in their homes or on the side of the road to show their support. This thing has gained momentum, far beyond our expectations. We all want to share in this incredible story.

The support crew is in full swing with Brendan and Ian taking charge. Makaranga Lodge is on board with a supporters hot spot, sponsoring egg and bacon rolls and all the refreshments for the passing runners. Wow! The Makaranga family has walked this journey with numerous MS warriors and their commitment to those that have mobility issues is truly amazing.

The Comrades organising team are to be commended, especially our long time friend and race director, Rowan James. We have received an email outlining the start procedure … the boys will park in the VIP area at the City Hall and move to the front of the start line. They will officially start 5 minutes ahead of the other runners, escorted through the streets of Martizburg by an official Comrades referee and the police. Sjoe, now that is a big deal … no doubt this will be the moment to treasure forever, ahead of over 20,000 runners attempting one of the most challenging human races. A quiet time for Andrew and Grant to gather their emotions ahead of the long day and then the sheer joy they will experience as the lead runners pass them, the police escort and referee will then peel away and continue with the lead pack. Chasing Grant and Andrew will be their support runners, they will push hard to catch up. Again a surge of emotions at the moment they all connect and continue the journey as a team with one goal in mind, that medal for Grant. The finish line will remain in the far distance, but the roads will be lined with people supporting and cheering this bunch of heroes.

My heart is bubbling over with love and admiration for what is happening. Our family’s story is forever changed, our children have witnessed something so great … the power of the human spirit.

Let the race begin.
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  1. Kathleen Lumby says:

    We will be there in spirit and trying to watch it live on the net, all the way in Bristol. I have full respect for Grant, for over coming his challenges and just going for it. Huge thanks to Andrew for making my most handsome cousin’s dream come true!! All the best and luck in the world to you all!!!

  2. Paula McCreadie says:

    Dood’s you so too should be commended for your support in making the dream a reality – you are a rockstar friend!
    I am so excited to be a part of the Support Group … my life will be forever changed.

  3. Hugh Hansen says:

    Go Grant

  4. Dave Tod says:

    Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Well done to all involved; teamwork and determination in action. Good luck to the whole team for the big day; especially Big G aka The Hansone One.

  5. Pete Sinclair says:

    This truly is an amazing story of extremely courageous young men. Being the father of Oli Sinclair I think I am aware of what G is up against and I can only wish him and Andrew the very best we will be looking out for them. We have a friend Mavis Morris who walks Comrades and she will be there to support. All the very best comrades

  6. Steven says:

    Lovely and inspirational words. This is a dream come true for G and may all you guys/support team have an absolutely wonderful day. Enjoy every moment (that first 5 mins and lead up to it are going to be very special!) Wish I could have joined you but will be watching online – make sure you smiling with your G caps and give us a wave ????????‍♂️????????????????

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