Do you have a G-SPOT(ted) photo?
This Just Got Real
8 days to Comrades and we’re ready. 8 points to make. Check it out, and please share the Journey! We’re thinking about flu, rockstars, “G-Spotted Caps”, predictions, Bruce Fordyce, new blood types, etc.....

  1. Andrew has been sick for the last week. But he’s getting better now, and we’ve done all the training. Cuzzie - up your game, son. I can’t do this thing without you!!!!!
  2. We now know how Elvis felt! We feel like rockstars! The support has been incredible and overwhelming. We read every message, and love them all. Who wouldn’t support a devastatingly handsome individual! It’s not easy being this handsome. There are a lot of expectations!
  3. The main question is - Have you been “G-Spotted” in the Big G cap? We had another 160 caps made, which mates ordered in 24 hours. It’s crazy! Post pics of you in the caps peeps! I love it! Ian Gardiner, you little beauty, designed the Big G logo, and cap! It’s gone global!
  4. Bruce Fordyce called me this week to wish us all well. Nice touch. A Comrades Legend, and Bruce Fordyce, chatting!,/li>
  5. Matt tells me last night that Andrew, and I, are getting far too much media coverage. It’s time to back off, he reckons!
  6. The “Comrades Prediction Evening” at DHS Old Boys was held this week. They have us at 11:48 for Comrades. They don’t know we are aiming to give Comrades a huge kick! In fact, I would say we’re going to give Comrades a “Big G, round-house, half-moon, Hungarian horse kick”.
  7. It was World MS Day on Wednesday. I never posted, but I did acknowledge one person, Doody Adams.

    To Doody - No one knows what you have done for me, what you’ve given up for me, and how hard it is for you. But I know. You’ve stuck by me, supported me, and loved me. You’ve been patient and kind. But, most importantly, you’ve made me feel needed. I can’t tell you enough how much I love you for that.

    “From the moment I met you, you took my breathe away”.
  8. Lastly, I went for a check up with the doc last week. He said he’s discovered a new blood type, which only I have - “H blood type”. H stands for “Handsome”.
In some countries it’s a crime being this handsome.
The Handsome One.
Big G.

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