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  1. Over the years many of the Comrades races have been 86.4km. But, this year, is the 4th longest at 90.184km. What an absolute benefit, and pleasure, for my Groupies! - they now get to see The Handsome One for much longer. It’s going to be brutal. But that is exactly what it should be. We love brutal. We welcome brutal. Bring it on. We’re ready.
  2. As we start right up front, before anyone, we will “lead Comrades” - only for a minute. But we’ll lead! Ask yourself the question - how many of your friends have ever lead Comrades? Exactly!
  3. An old school and London friend, Dame Hand, who is flying in from Ireland to run with Team Big G, hosted a Pub Quiz Evening in Dublin last week. The pub was teeming with people. That is a reflection of you, Dame! Due to the mixture of “country and Guinness”, I presume very basic questions were asked Dame? Just asking for a friend?
  4. I had to laugh when I heard that Andrew’s daughter, Chelsea, told him this week - “Dad, it would be embarrassing if you don’t finish, hey?”. Don’t say that Chels! We got this!!!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry...
  5. There are some positives with having MS. I know Doody has been giving me the milk, that’s 2 weeks off, for years. As my taste buds are poor, she’s been telling me it’s yogurt!
  6. My serfs pushing me, and I, are ready and pumped! Our Journey of friendship, and friends trying to fulfill someone else’s dream, is close. S#its just got real! I’m here. Positive. Fighting hard. Never complaining. Being a Dad, son, brother, husband, and friend. I’m living. It’s a great story to tell! And I’m damn handsome! Thank you boys.
  7. I chose the theme song for our run. It’s the 1981 classic “Don’t stop believin’ by Journey”. This is our Journey. Trust me when I say the boys will be singing and blaring the song all the way to Durban. “Just a small town girl.....”. It’s also all of my runner’s ring tone in the lead up to the big day. I pulled a few muscles to that song in my day.....
    Don't Stop Believin
  8. I miss playing sport, and running. But I have running back. I’m feeling the wind in my hair, and pinning the race number on my shirt again. It feels wonderful. But I miss golf, squash, etc. That’s ok! I just reminisce about the old days - my sister and I remembered winning the Chelsea School tennis doubles championships against Jen and Mike, 1980. The Dunlop racquet was so buggered I think it only had one string. We had to hit the ball in the middle! Also, as there were 5 kids in our family, we only had the use of one racquet! I’d serve, throw the racquet to Tanya, and so forth.....
  9. We’ll see you all on the road. We can’t wait. I’ll be gracious and pose for a photo or two. But please don’t send the photo to Men’s Health or make it your wallpaper in your home!
  10. People often ask me why I’m doing this. The reason is simple. Other than a lifelong dream of getting a Comrades medal, there are many things I can’t teach Matt and Jess. But I can teach them two very valuable lessons.
    “Lesson one” - I can teach them resilience, tenacity, courage, commitment and focus, and that nothing is impossible with friends by your side.
    “Lesson two” - The greatest gift I can give my children is to love their mother. I know they watch what I do. So Jess won’t choose a palooka, and Matt will know how to treat a woman, and to hold them in a higher regard than anyone else. Real men need to go back to old school ways. We need to open the car door for her, get her a drink, let her walk through a door first. And we’ll get 100-fold in return.
  11. Lastly,I’m dreading the pain on Comrades day. But I’m excited and ready!!!!!

Please share the Journey!

The Handsome One.
P.S. In some countries it’s a crime being this handsome.
Big G.

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My MS Journey