My name is Grant Adams and I have a story to share about my journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Life with MS is difficult because of the relentless pain - every day. There are no exceptions but this is the hand that I have been dealt and
I WILL stand tall and I WILL fight this foe!


Grant’s only hope of stopping the progression of the MS is AHSCT (Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant). This won’t cure the disease but it may slow down the progression and hopefully extend his time not confined to a wheelchair, or bed. This cost starts around R600 000!

If you feel led, please use one of the methods below to assist with fundraising for these and future costs.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


The Bee Sting

Our super-powered

Kindly sponsored by Phil Kershaw and Andrew Murray from PhotoNote

Andrew Murray

An incredible friend, and machine athlete, who started this Comrades idea

Andrew has never wavered in his dedication, support, kindness, and commitment to me. A true friend that has enriched my life

Big G

Husband, Dad, Brother, Son, Friend, and Multiple Sclerosis Warrior!

Handsome, World's Best Braai Master, Snake's a crime being this good!


Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend...amazing human being!

The love of my life for almost 23 years. Doody is the reason I fight so hard!

Colin Banks

25 years of friendship, and a committed friend, who epitomizes the true value of Comrades.

Colin is consistent, and he has walked the walk with me since we were at school. A man you want on your side

Kevin Phillips

A kind, giving mate that joined the Journey to fulfill someone else’s dream

Kev is a true example of friendship and sacrifice and a Comrades Legend on the road.

Dame Hand

An International Legend, old school friend and Fighting Irishman.

Dame never intended to do Comrades, but has raised his hand to fight my journey, and dream. A true showing of what friendship means.

Rohan Eagar

A friend, confidant and brother who has
understood and walked this journey with me

Rohan is someone who has always been so patient and kind and given me much comfort in the dark days.

Tim Morris

A great mate who has always uplifted my spirits.

Tim keeps me focused, and has taught me to keep doing the little things that matter.

Tommy Lawrence

A true example of someone helping someone else to fulfill a dream.

A committed man, and someone we will lean on, come Comrades Day

Ian Gardiner

A true gentleman, kindred spirit and
a leader

Ian is a source of inspiration, strength, courage, and is full of love to give. He is a giant amongst men.

Mike Rockey

6 x Comrades Marathon

Mike is an old school mate of Andrew’s and adds power, humor, passion, focus, and commitment to the team.

Greig Tanner

Powerhouse 8 x Comrades
Super Athlete

Greig is a super-strong runner, and a great bloke, who is an asset to our team.